Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well Hello everyone! This is Molly....

I am so excited to have launched this new blogsite!  I have seen and enjoyed some wonderful sites and wanted to give it a here goes.

It's the first of September, and I've been up most of the night watching youtube and checking in "on the scrapbeach" and getting so inspired to create some fall minis for myself and a few friends. 

The only problem I ever have with watching youtube is: the wonderful minis I see showcased on videos may have been created over a year ago.  Then I find myself spending hours scouring the web for just that paper, or just that piece of lace or flower, when I really want to just let go and enjoy the creative process.

I had just that problem, watching a video from Kathryn, from the scrapbeach, and had to have just that paper, K and Company's Alleghany Plum.  I'll attach a link to Kathryn's video and then show you what I have created so far with the paper line.

So here's to all the wonderful crafters I have been inspired by "on the scrap beach"  and in "your paper pantry" and of course, on youtube! 


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